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    Peps Organica is the first ever mattress to be made of chemical-free bio-cotton and eco-latex from Belgium. This revolutionary mattress is anti-microbial, dust mite resistant, and hypoallergenic for comfort in all climates. The improved air circulation allows for a naturally refreshing sleep so you wake up fresh every morning


    You may think a hard, firm mattress is what’s good for your back. But Science disagrees. Fall into deep, rejuvenating sleep easily on a Spine Guard mattress and wake up with zero aches and pains. The revolutionary Memory Foam softens in appropriate points to support you along the natural lines and curves of your body. This keeps your spine aligned properly and eliminates pressure from specific body parts. No more tossing and turning in search of a soft spot. No more sore backs


    Wake up rejuvenated each mornings with America’s favourite mattress brand. When it comes to mattresses, America trusts Restonic for relaxing sleep every day, not just at home but at some of the world’s best hotels. This internationally patented mattress comes with friction and noise insulation so you can sleep undisturbed and wake up well-rested


    Drift into a luxurious sleep to wake up feeling on top of the world with Peps Crystal. The ultra-lush knitted antibacterial fabric lends the mattress a plush, smooth silky finish your skin will love. The 100% memory foam composition and pocketed springs let you sleep in sublime comfort, unaffected by your partner’s movements


    Upgrade to fresh, new mornings with a world class spring mattress that is as easy on your wallet as it is on your back. The rigid, yet flexible core offers the right support for your back without losing shape even on prolonged usage. Comes with the added comfort of a pillow top and super soft, ruffled fabric.

  • DREAMWELL – U Delight

    The Jumbo of affordable range..!! This is a revolution in the mattress industry. A gem of a mattress with a right mix of support and comfort that will make you go wow.


    Slumber into Dreamland!!! Deluxe is undoubtedly the jewel crown of our mattress collection. The right mix of support and comfort makes it the best buy in this price segment. Deluxe comes with three years guarantee and the five inch variant comes with 5 years guarantee. The rebounded used gives your superior support and enhances the products life span.

    Size: 4’’,5’’ and above.- 1’’ Rebounded foam + 2’’ Thermo bond + 1’’ HR foam.

    Quilting: One side (Both side is optional)

    Guarantee: 3 years.

  • DREAMWELL – Ortho-o-Bond (E.T)

    Ortho-o-bond (E.T) is an dual comfort mattress which has right mix of comfort and firmness. It is a two-side use mattress with euro-top being on the soft side. Euro-top provides extra comfort and adds Luxurious feel to you bed. This model comes in two colors white and maroon, with state of art fabric for the luxurious you.


  • DREAMWELL – Ortho-o- Cocoon

    Ortho-o-cocoon is dual side euro-top mattress with soft and hard side. It is a unique combination of Rebounded and HR foam with two-side euro-top. It is organically treated so that you slumber to sleep in peace. Two side fluffy euro-tops give you cocoon feel and luxurious fabric adds to it plush feeling.

    Standard Sizes: 6 inch and above.

    Quilting: Two sides.


    The NRG-20 is built with great care and precision to provide the most energizing sleep experience. The Pocket Spring core is topped with the innovative Active NRG layer which gives 3-zoned body contouring and optimal pressure distribution. This is further covered with hyper soft, high resilient foam which makes the mattress more breathable so that it stays fresh and clean.  The high resilience of the foam ensures that the mattress holds its shape over time. The hyper soft latex like foam is infused with PCM technology which keeps your body temperature to the most recommended levels creating conditions for the deepest, most relaxing sleep.  The knitted fabric with memory foam has anti-stress technology. The pressure relieving property of memory foam along with the negative ion repelling property of anti-stress fabric ensures a positively charged sleep. All these different innovative layers in the NRG 20, work together in providing an unsurpassed sleep experience so that you wake up feeling completely energised


    Experience Back Magic. Duropedic DP4 mattress is designed to give you magical back support. DP4 encompasses Specially crafted Duroflex 3-zone Pocket Spring technology for Full Prone Support (FPS) sandwiched between layers of high density PU Foam and topped with Duropedic layer with 3-Zone Active Grooves for supporting the neck, back and spine at an appropriate posture what the body requires. These Active Grooves will enhance the air circulation and makes it a perfect all seasons mattress. Enjoy the perfect blend of luxury and technology.


    Effective for back support and simple in design; this mattress is constructed with High-Density PU Foam core with top PU Foam quilting for that comfortable sleep

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