If you think a hard, firm mattress is what’s good for your spine, we beg to differ. Spinekare Spring is an orthopedic mattress constructed with high-tensile Bonnel Spring and a memory foam for added comfort. Say goodbye to body aches and welcome blissful sleep.

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Product Features

  • High Tensile Bonnel spring with helical wire technology ensures more bounce and comfort.
  • Circular Helical wire support that locks the springs to avoid movements.
  • PU foam side support comfort layer that helps to avoid spring aging & maintains the shape of the mattress.
  • Advance PU foam Reinforcement technology for extra spine support.
  • High density Cotton felt layers on the top & bottom springs for firm support.
  • Re – Bonded foam layer on top of the spring giving ultra firm support to the body.
  • Generous thickness Memory foam comfort layer quilt on the top takes the body shape & controls body temperature by ensuring extra comfort.
  • PU foam Quilt on the bottom has the ability to withstand body weight & provides superior support.
  • Mattress is Crafted to perfection by soft polar fleece fabric tailored with Anti-bed bug thread locked by special web tape finish.
  • No. 1 Therapeutically designed mattress for spine problems that is Certified by Hosmat hospital.
  • 10 years warranty.


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