DREAMWELL – Ortho-o-Bond (E.T)

DREAMWELL – Ortho-o-Bond (E.T)

Ortho-o-bond (E.T) is an dual comfort mattress which has right mix of comfort and firmness. It is a two-side use mattress with euro-top being on the soft side. Euro-top provides extra comfort and adds Luxurious feel to you bed. This model comes in two colors white and maroon, with state of art fabric for the luxurious you.


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Standard Sizes: 5 inch and above.

Combination: 3-inch High density rebounded foam+2 inch HR foam.

Quilting: One Side.

Advantaged of HR foam:
– gives a good comfort to your muscles.
– keeps you cool in even 45° degrees.
– maintain its comfort and cushionin even after 7 years.
– used in all star hotels.
– used in all luxury cars.


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